The Taste of Now: Ham

Whether dry-aged or wet-cured, ham is making waves on menus. Its delicious smoky flavor makes it the go-to for crave-worthy sandwiches, and its reach is expanding to center-of-plate steaks, charcuterie boards and small plate offerings like ham tonnato. Traditionally applied to the fresh leg, ham-cure is happening – pork loin and shoulder are new frontiers for creative chefs looking to deliver amazing flavor.

Watch UNCUT Making the Cut to see Chef Cosmo Goss showcase ham four ways and keep scrolling for recipes and butchering demos.

UNCUT Making the Cut

Featured Recipes

Ham Steaks, Shelling Beans and Charred Herb Vinaigrette
Ham Baguette with Cheese Butter
Ham Tonnato


Fresh Leg Fabrication Videos

Watch our break-down demos to learn how to butcher and portion cuts from the fresh leg.