Pork Makes the Menu

From the center of the plate to the key ingredient in countless creative recipes, pork’s flavor and versatility are unmatched – no wonder it’s eaten more than any other meat in the world. Properly prepared, attractively served and well merchandised, pork delivers an exceptional experience for consumers and first-class profits for all types of foodservice operations.

Why Pork Now?

Ease Of Preparation

Foodservice professionals are finding that pork is more convenient than ever. It can be quickly cooked to its tender, juicy best – medium-rare at an internal temperature of 145°F. And because the USDA now recommends home cooks should also cook pork to 145°F with a three minute rest, it offers the perfect opportunity to educate staff on proper pork cooking temperatures. Encourage them to tell consumers with confidence that pork orders will be cooked medium-rare – because now more than ever, your patrons will enjoy the taste of juicy, flavorful pink pork.

Health And Nutrition

Pork is nutrient-dense – packed with many of the proteins, minerals and vitamins required for a healthy, balanced diet. It’s an “excellent” source of thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, phosphorus and protein, and a “good” source of zinc and potassium.


New and portion-controlled cuts make pork a smart choice for foodservice menus. The wide array of fresh pork cuts and pork products are perfect for any daypart, cooking method or cuisine – so it’s easy to add variety while keeping costs down and profits high.


Pork is an excellent value. Portion-controlled cuts – including popular boneless cuts – offer profit opportunities for a variety of meal occasions, including appetizers, mini meals and entrées. And because pork is available in so many ready-to-handle forms, including pre-cooked, portion-controlled and prepared entrées, it is a convenient, labor-saving, center-of-plate option.