Pork Cares

America’s pork farmers have a long, proud history of responsible farming and caring for the well-being of their animals. After all, their livelihoods are tied to the land and the health of the animals in their care. They understand the importance of improving farming methods to meet market demands and consumer expectations for safe, nutritious pork products.

Production-oriented, best practices education has been an industry pillar for decades. Strides made over the last 30 years have resulted in the U.S. pork industry producing the highest quality, safest and most affordable pork in the world – and in our nation’s history. This was achieved through responsible pork production and ongoing improvement in industry practices focusing on food quality and safety, animal well-being, the environment and animal science.

The We Care initiative, a joint effort of the Pork Checkoff through the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council, is a promise to the public and industry stakeholders that pork producers engage in and actively promote responsible and ethical practices in all areas of pork production. We Care also shows that the industry is dedicated to continually evaluating and improving its practices. Pork industry programs that best exemplify this commitment include Pork Quality Assurance® Plus and Transport Quality Assurance®. These are just two examples of the many programs offered by pork industry for farmers and their employees. Over 53,000 industry members have become certified in programs such as these, delivering on the promise embodied in the We Care initiative.

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Watch videos about the life of a pork farmer and the technical processes involved with raising pigs, including growing ingredients for feed, modern animal care and creating a better quality of life on the Pork Farming YouTube channel.