Restaurant just announced the winners in their search for the best sandwiches in America. Chefs’ submitted sandwiches to various categories and a number of the category winners included pork! The best in class pork sandwich was the Pork Belly Patty Melt from Chef Todd Katz and Culinary Director Matthew Danaher from Racks Downtown Eatery & Tavern, Boca Raton, FL. The sandwich featured grilled pork belly, caramelized onions, small-batch Russian dressing, kale and apple slaw and Gruyere all served on thick marble rye.

Other notable favorites including pork were the best barbecue and the best grilled cheese. The Three Little Pigs sandwich by Christian Hattemer from Down One Bourbon Bar, Louisville, KY won the best barbecue category. The bourbon based sandwich featured three types of pork: roasted pork belly, pulled pork shoulder and thick-cut slab bacon. The best grilled cheese was by Chef Shannon Tune from Hotel Derek, Houston, TX. This inverted grilled cheese sandwich combined three types of cheese wrapped in bacon.

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