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Pig Out


Eater took a behind the scenes look at how Chef Thomas Chen prepares his acclaimed “Pig Out” dish at his New York City’s Tuome restaurant.  The unique pork dish for two, inspired by roasted Cantonese meats, is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the East Village.

To make the dish, Chen takes whole Berkshire pork bellies and cures them in thyme, ginger and salt for five hours before confiting them in duck fat for 15 hours. He then shreds the meat and lays it out on a sheet of pig skin, pressing it down and allowing it to cool. This creates a terrine of sorts, with the gelatin in the meat binding everything. Once cooled, the pork is sliced into two-inch diamonds and heated in a pan, rendering the skin shatteringly crisp and served with spicy peanut noodles.

Click here to see a slideshow of the step-by-step process to make “Pig Out”.