Guide to Fried Pig Skin


Frying pig skin is a traditional southern preparation that has regained popularity as of late.  Mostly made by cooking down all of the fat and scraps from a hog in lard at 400° Fahrenheit.


There are four main types of the delicacy – each defined by how they’re cut (the amount of fat left on the pig skin) and rendered.  Ranging from Pork Rinds with no fat to Fat Back with a large amount of fat remaining on the skin.


Other types of fried pork skin include Cracklin and Wash Pot Style.  Cracklin is cooked with a little bit of fat on to prevent the skin from popping into a puffy curl.  Wash Pot Style is made with large irregular pieces of skin with a little bit of fat left on and cooked in canola oil instead of lard.


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