The National Pork Board Foodservice program promotes the use of pork across the foodservice channel – including commercial independent and chain restaurants, and non-commercial or on-site operations. Through advertising, public relations, promotion and education, the program communicates with the foodservice industry about the benefits of working with pork. Learn more about pork in foodservice, the National Pork Board, or the Pork Checkoff.

Pork is more than the world’s most consumed protein. It’s tender, juicy and creative chefs across the U.S. are choosing pork to create amazing dishes that keep customers coming back. Learn more about how today’s pork can help your business succeed.

This section is coming soon. A new Meat Buyer’s Guide is being revised and will be available in 2015. Once the new guide is live, full access to the Pork section of the guide will be available through our website, so come back and visit.


“The 400” is IMPS code for ordering a full pig carcass – the whole hog. We want to convey that, just like ordering an entire carcass, The 400 delivers all the pork news you need to know now. Sign up for The 400 newsletter.

The National Pork Board bases animal care and well-being programs on one foundation – what is best for the pig. We continuously evaluate the best scientific research available, and current research indicates that there are several production systems that can be good for pigs. These systems include open pens, gestation stalls and open pastures. Regardless of the system, what really matters is the individual care given to each pig.

The National Pork Board has a strong commitment to animal welfare, sustainability and environmental stewardship. To learn more about our practices and our people, please visit


Interested in joining the National Pork Board or want to participate in Taste of Elegance events? Just call 1-800-456-PORK. To talk with us about other opportunities, visit our contact page.